Delighted Tobehere’s entertainment career began February 2001 where she performed alongside The Armorettes – “The Infamous Camp Drag Queens of the South” – in the legendary nightclub Backstreet Atlanta. Since her momentous first performance, she has been a tour de force in the drag scene both on-stage and behind the scenes.

Delighted Tobehere was named as one of the funniest drag queens in America by the Huffington Post, and the internationally celebrated comedian Pam Ann says that she is “hysterical!”

Got Talent

In 2015, Delighted debuted on NBC’s America’s Got Talent to rave reviews and 4 Yes votes from the judges.

Howard Stern

“I loved the entire performance”

Howie Mandel

“[Delighted] just became the first country music dragstar!”

A self described “Queen of all Trades,” Delighted combines celebrity illusion, vocal impressions, live vocals, lip sync, comedy, intelligence, and quick wit to wow audiences from corporate functions to pride festivals.

Adele Illusion

Delighted’s feature celebrity illusion is none other than Adele. These are just a few things that people have been saying about her performance as Adele.

something that has to be seen to be believed!London’s QX Magazine

It’s not just about laughter. Anyone who has attended Delighted’s shows in the last few years, seen her TEDx talk, heard her speak at a university campus, or been an invited guest at one of her lectures has experienced what she considers her personal mission: “Encouraging self-discovery and acceptance of others through the lens of drag through laughter and thought provoking entertainment.”Delighted continues to hear from those attending her shows, lectures, and speaking engagements who found clarity when their world was out of focus. Often they report having had revelations and “ah-ha” moments on how they view themselves and the world.

Hailing from the Carolinas, her southern upbringing lends a charm to her performances that makes everyone feel comfortable and welcomed, even in her new home of New York City! Within her first two months of living in The Big Apple, Delighted won the titles of “New York’s Best In Drag” and a live singing drag queen competition called “Sing, Queen!,” as well as securing weekly residencies at local nightclubs. She has performed over 100 shows in both London and LA and travels extensively across the nation.

New York Times

Delighted was featured in the New York Times for her work as a top Broadway style live singing drag queen.

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Delighted Tobehere has also completed a two month residency in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico where her one woman show, Turn Delight On, was featured at Act II Stages. While in residence, she produced and headlined the celebrity illusion review Legends, Divas, and Stars. Delighted will return for two weeks in London to perform eight shows in London in May.

June 8th, 2017

Delighted debuted her solo cabaret, High Heels and Low Notes, at New York City’s legendary Feinstein’s/54 Below, a cabaret space in the basement of the famed Studio 54.

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