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Play Safe, but don’t Live S.A.F.E.!

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The saying goes, and it remains true, PLAY SAFE! However I’m here to tell you not to LIVE S.A.F.E. 🙂 In 2014 I did a TED Talk for TEDxGreenville South Carolina – my hometown. I started the talk in drag and transformed to my boy self throughout the 15 minute talk – revealing my identity to my conservative hometown. I …

Thursday Polar Bear


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Yes, it’s Thursday. It is not the weekend, but it is a day in your life, and, quite frankly, the only one that matters. What are you going to do with it? Take a moment to watch this video for a little perspective!

Funny squirrel and bear picture


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Happy Hump Day! I tell you what, if you want to meet all walks of life, come to West Hollywood! I’ve met some of the most interesting folks here! So today’s challenge is to strike up a conversation with someone outside of your comfort zone! You might be pleasantly surprised by what you find out when you do! If you’re …

You Can Do It Potato


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Happy Tuesday! I hope you laughed as hard at this as I did! The sentiment remains the same though – YOU CAN DO IT!

Funny Cat I regret nothing


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It’s FRIDAY! Hope you had an amazing and successful week! Finish the week strong! Leave any negativity behind as you hit the weekend! Take only the lessons you’ve learned and the positive memories from the week with you into Saturday! Have a fabulous weekend! I’ll post another Delighted Daily on Monday! Until then, much love and laughs from West Hollywood! xoxo, …

Old Lady Plank


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Good morning everyone! Greetings from LA! Today’s #DelightedDaily is a reminder that you can do ANYTHING! Don’t let anyone’s (or YOUR OWN) preconceived notions of your abilities or limits stop you from living your dreams! xoxo



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I LOVE THIS PICTURE! So much joy! So much hope! And yet the pessimists out there would say “well, they’re still lost,” while the optimists among us would say “but, they’re not alone!” No matter what you’re going through, remember two things: 1. You’re problems will always be easier to handle with a positive perspective! 2. You’re not alone! Happy Hump …

I Love Surprises!


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I freakin’ LOVE surprises, too!! In fact I’m going to announce one tomorrow!!! I know this makes me very happy and I hope gets you a little excited as well! In the mean time…Why not try surprising your best friend, a stranger, a co-worker, or a family member with a nice act of kindness! It’ll make their day that much …

Goldfish Cat


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In its own unique way this suggests the question “how are you going to challenge yourself today?” Yes, you might actually take on the Goldfish On Cat challenge, and you know what? You’ll be better for it – give or take a few scratches! The point is simple: complacency is detrimental to your success. Try something new! Give yourself a …