Broadway's Best In Drag

Delighted Wins Broadway’s Best In Drag!

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Broadway's Best In Drag


Just 10 days into her move, Delighted Tobehere won Broadway’s Best In Drag! The pageant, a fundraiser for AIDS Service Center NYC, was produced by Robert La Fosse and hosted by Frankie Grande. The evening consisted of 10 contestants competing in two categories – Talent and On-Stage Question. The contestants consisted of revered pageant queens, dynamic dancing queens, and queens right off the Broadway stages. The results: Winner: Delighted Tobehere – 1st RU: Sasha Velour – 2nd RU: Yurella Riffalotta

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  1. Dear Roxy/Ms. Delighted…

    First, Charlotte lost a great entertainer when you left. I got to see you perform at the Rainbow and at a trivia night, loved you every time. I was, and still am, in awe of your skills with, well, just everything. You killed it as Liza, and I think your Adam Lambert was better than the real Adam.

    Chuck L told me you appeared on America’s Got Talent, and I was thrilled and excited for you. I admire the balls it took for you to pull up stakes and try a bite of The Big Apple, and from all that’s happened so far, you’re gonna take off like a rocket. You looked GREAT in that color, by the by.

    Just wanted to wish you all the best, and I can’t wait to see more of your performance on YouTube. Though you wouldn’t remember me, I’ll never forget you.

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