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Play Safe, but don’t Live S.A.F.E.!

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Delighted's TED TalkThe saying goes, and it remains true, PLAY SAFE! However I’m here to tell you not to LIVE S.A.F.E. 🙂 In 2014 I did a TED Talk for TEDxGreenville South Carolina – my hometown. I started the talk in drag and transformed to my boy self throughout the 15 minute talk – revealing my identity to my conservative hometown. I was nervous for sure as you can see when you click on the link below and watch for yourself, but for over a decade I had played it safe – only being out while away at college or living in Charlotte. However this isn’t the S.A.F.E. I’m talking about. In my talk I explain that Stereotypes, Assumptions, Fears, and Expectations are the 4 guaranteed ways to prevent healthy relationships and happiness. So often we don’t open our minds and hearts to someone because we don’t understand them, and if you use the old adage “ignorance is bliss,” that ignorance makes us feel safe; makes us comfortable. Now this certainly applies to conservatives and how they view the LGBT community, but this very much applies to our little community of discrimination itself. “No fats, No fems, White only, etc” are seen on many an online profile these days. So check out my video and let that be a little something to think about today. I hope it encourages you to open up just a little and take a risk…on one another.

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